12 wax meltsNews


Red House Aromas have listened to your feedback! Red House Aromas are thrilled to launch a more economical large wax melt container. This is in addition to the current classic tins in our gift sets and the classic tin refill bags. Our aim is to provide an appealing, well packaged and sustainable product but at the same time give you great value. The new black tube container is filled with 12 natural wax melts, twice the size of our classic tins giving you more hours of your favourite aroma in one box. The new container still offers all the same beautiful Red House Aromas scent choices as our current tins and refills. 

The lightly and highly fragranced options continue to be available in the new 12 wax melts containers. To read more about the highly and lightly fragranced wax melt variables see news: Why do we offer two strengths of fragrance, 14 March 2021

The black tube containers are made from recycled paper and are recyclable, compostable, vegan and BPA free. The melts are carefully packaged in a biodegradable, compostable bag inside the container. These eco friendly bags protects the melts and also maintains the fragrance.

For our customers who seek quality eco friendly products we are sure you will appreciate the new addition. 

To purchase your 12 wax melts visit our online shop.