Most people are familiar with candles but might not be so familiar with wax melts! Here at Red House Aromas they are a big part of our daily life! However, we appreciate that some people have never used wax melts and will tell you all you need to know!

Wax melts are a small, solid shape of fragranced wax. Ours are about 2 1/2 cm. To release the fragrance of the wax melt you need a wax melt burner. At Red House Aromas we offer a variety of stunning wax melt burners that are heated by a tea light. Our tea lights burn for up to 4 hours and these are what we recommend you use. Never use an 8 hour tea light.

All the wax melt burners that we stock are chosen for their aesthetic appeal and their performance. They are specifically for burning wax melts, there are oil burners on the market but these are not suitable for wax melts. You can also get electric wax melt burners too.

To get started you place one wax melt in the dish at the top of the wax melt burner and put a lighted tea light underneath. This gently melts the wax and the beautiful aromas fill the air. With a melt you get a far quicker fragrance throw than with a candle.

When the wax melt is fully melted your dish will have the warm oil in, once you blow the tea light out the wax will harden in the dish ready to be heated again. We have made sure that our wax melts are the perfect size for any burner. They are not too small (so you have to keep adding melts in) or too big (so the dish would overflow) so you use one at a time. Once the melt isn’t smelling very much you light it with a tea light for a minute or so. Then, with some dry kitchen roll remove the wax which will come out in one block. Wipe the dish and replace with a new melt.

At Red House Aromas all of our wax melts and tea lights use natural wax. This is an important issue as it is well known that the air you breathe in from paraffin candles and wax melts can be toxic. We currently have nine different fragranced wax melts and three essential oil wax melt varieties to offer you. All of our fragranced wax melts come in lightly scented and highly scented options. We suggest that if you are new to melting, a great place to start would be with our Antares gift set. It offers great value for money and you get to choose two tins of fragranced wax melts to try. We always put some free samples of different fragrances in with your order too!

We are always happy to answer any questions, do get in touch and we will do our best to help you.