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Red House Aromas

Classic Reed Diffuser

Classic Reed Diffuser

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Our reed diffusers are ideal for creating a constant fragrance for any space for up to 3-4 months. An easy solution to create an everyday aroma without the worry of a burning flame. Our carefully chosen classic and luxury diffusers are a beautiful addition to any space in the home or office.

Tips for making the most of your reed diffuser:

Although you can place the diffuser anywhere, we find that the best spot is in an area where people are walking past to encourage air movement.

Flipping the reeds allows more fragrance oil to soak in to fill your living space.

We advise not to place in an area of direct heat or sunlight.

Contains 8 reeds. We supply 8 reeds however, you may only require 6 reeds, depending on your personal preference.



Handmade in Suffolk

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